About me

I’m a Dutch artist, currently living and working in Northern Norway, where I find inspiration in the beautiful nature of the arctic north. I studied animation at the artacademy of Breda, the Netherlands and graduated with my drawn animationfilm ‘Volgens de Vogels (According to Birds)’.

Since then I have been working as an illustrator of childrens books as well as creating my own art and picturebooks.


Northern Norway

Ever since I was a child I dreamt of exploring snowy mountains, icy lakes and endless forests. When I travelled through Scandinavia for the first time in 2009, it felt like coming home to a world I had never known or visited before, but had always been dreaming of. In 2017 me and my husband, who works as a marine biologist, decided to move to northern Norway.

The nature of northern Norway is a big source of inspiration for my work. I love to spend time out in nature to sketch, surrounded by the fjords and the mountains.

Technique and materials

I mainly work with watercolours on aquarelle paper because I really enjoy the process of painting with watercolors and the beautiful and sometimes unexpected effect that this material creates. I also use a range of other materials, such as gouache, ink, acrylics and graphite pencil. I like to experiment with different materials and techniques and to combine things together to create something that feels authentic.

– Bronzen griffel for my picturebook ‘Waar is Grote Broer?’, 2022
– Bronzen penseel, illustrations for ‘Jij mag alles zijn’ written by Griet Opde Beeck, 2022
– Penzberger Urmel Literatureprize for the illustrations in ‘Die Prinzessin mit den roten Haaren’
together with Dutch writer Paul Biegel, 2015
– Artist in recidency Award, Tricky Women Animation Festival, Vienna, 2010
– Special PISAF Award, Puchon International Student Animation Festival, Korea, 2009
– Special Diploma for ‘the best animators work’, Beginning Student Film Festival, Russia, 2009
– Special Jury Mention, Anim’est International Festival of Animated Film, Romania, 2009
– Judges Award program 1, International Competition, Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF), Australia, 2009
– First prize, Animation Competition, Film Front Festival Gorinchem, 2009
– First prize, Animation Competition, Animationfestival Zwolle, 2008
– Special Jury Award, Kino Proba Animation Festival, Russia, 2008
– Eerste prijs, studenten competitie, Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF), 2008
– St. Joost penning (Award for the best graduation work of the Artacademy), 2008
– Third prize, Invito Invites you, 2006
– Jules Groenen Prize, 2008
– Sint Joost Thesis Award, 2008
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